BMC  believes that an ethical and socially responsible approach to business is a key factor in achieving sustainable enterprise development. This is not charity and is about some or all of the following:

  • making a profit
  • employing talented people
  • contributing to the tax budget of the local community
  • training employees and listening to their concerns
  • being actively concerned for quality and food safety
  • being actively concerned about the health and safety of employees
  • having in place a waste management system / recycling
  • increasing the efficiency of the production systems
  • supporting customers pre- and post acquisition
  • supporting suppliers and paying a fair price
  • saving resources - energy, water etc
  • being a good neighbour and member of the community
  • respecting the law and actively promoting ethical business practices

This is not something just for big corporations, but is in fact good management practice and should fit naturally with all sizes and types of business.